We take the complexity and risk away from purchasing a new or used vehicle anywhere in the USA. Our "all included" pricing covers, documentation, all Federal USA taxes, duties and insurance

Our Customers

Our Customers

Consumers and commercial buyers seeking to purchase one or several vehicles in the USA. We frequently ship to Europe, Asia, Brazil and Australia

Our Inventory

Our Inventory

We have immediate access to thousands of new and used cars, SUVs, motorcycles and boats - directly from the vehicle manufacturer and from other OEM dealers



How do I purchase a vehicle from Brylliant?


We’ve listed a summary of how our process works.  We welcome your telephone call or emails for any additional information.

  1. Chose a vehicle from one of our feeds (this site, Twitter or FaceBook)
  2. Contact us with the vehicle code in the listing by telephone, Skype or email.
  3. Brylliant will invoice you for a deposit* of $1,000 or 10% of the vehicle’s value
  4. Brylliant will reserve the vehicle for you and invoice you for the balance due
  5. After receiving your payment, we’ll transport the vehicle to one of our shippers’
  6. We prepare all US Customs documentation, title requirements, taxes etc.
  7. The vehicle will be loaded into a secure container
  8. You will be sent a tracking number and shipment confirmation.
  9. You receive the vehicle at your home port

*Your deposit is fully refundable if the vehicle cannot be obtained, for any reason.

Where do your vehicles come from?


We purchase all of vehicles direct from non-public outlets that include:

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • New car dealerships
  • Fleet operators

As a licensed dealership, our buyers benefit from our buying power, industry knowledge and negotiating expertise.

Can you notify me when a particular vehicle becomes available?



We have an automated system that can watch for certain Year, Make, Model combinations and notify you when they are found.

Send a message at detailing what you are looking for.

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